Friday, May 1, 2009

Weston Hodges, Modern Drummer

Weston Hodges is a drummer that I first met while working as an engineer at Extasy Studio south in Los Angeles. Showing up armed with a vintage, 1970’s Ludwig drum set and chops that would make the finest drummers stop and stare, was a pro drummer of the highest caliber. Weston has played with RCA recording artist Leah Andreone, the late R&B great Al Wilson, blues and jazz legend Big Jay McNeely, and many others.

Ryan Hoyle, Modern Drummer

Ryan Hoyle is another great drummer, with a wonderful collection of vintage drums that can be seen and heard here. Ryan has played on hundreds of recordings for Disney, and solo projects for Deborah Gibson (Pop Icon), Joel Kosche (Collective Soul), Brad Smith (Blind Melon), and Tom Drummond (Better Than Ezra) to name a few. Recently Ryan has been holding down the groove for one of the best voices in Rock & Roll, Paul Rodgers.

Steve "Froth" Frothingham, Modern Drummer
Steve "Froth" Frothingham from L.A. psychedelic revivalists Bigelf are so dedicated to accurately replicating the sound of ’70s European prog rock, they use vintage equipment exclusively. For drummer Steve “Froth” Frothingham, whose primary influence is Guy Evans of the British prog pioneers Van der Graaf Generator, that means switching between two prized old kits.On Bigelf’s latest album, Cheat The Gallows, Froth uses an original Hayman kit purchased through the classifieds of the vintage-gear publication Not So Modern Drummer. “That’s the kit I want to go to my grave playing,” he proclaims. “The Haymans have a very resonant wood sound—almost paper-like. They just sound so good!”Live, the drummer favors his early-’70s green Ludwig Vistalite kit. The five-piece set features slightly larger drum sizes than the Haymans, including a custom 8x14 Vistalite snare. “I like the sound of a deep snare, so I had this one made,” Steve says. “I found a 14" Vistalite concert tom and brought that to the Pro Drum Shop in L.A., along with a ’70s chrome Ludwig snare to use for the hardware. They made this new Vistalite snare with the correct bearing edges and everything, and it sounds even better than my original snare!”
Gail Worley
Steve Smith, Modern Drummer

Now here's a drummer that needs no introduction, but will get one anyway. Mr. Steve Smith, playing a beautiful vintage drum set and swinging hard! Mr. Smith is one of the most influential drummers of our time. I don't know how many vintage drum sets Mr. Smith owns, but I'm sure he has many. Click here to enjoy one of them now!

Matt Chamberlain, Modern Drummer
Matt Chamberlain has one of the most beautiful collection of vintage drums around, and is not afraid to use them. Mr. Chamberlain has played for Tori Amos, David Bowie, Fiona Apple, The Finn Brothers, David Torn, The Master Musicians Of Jajouka, Jon Brion, Robert Fripp, Morrissey, Elton John, Brad Mehldau, Regina Spektor, Garbage, Dido, Pearl Jam, Mitchell Froom, T-Bone Burnett, and in the process, has been a part of more than 80 million records sold worldwide. View some of his drums here.

Jim Bonfanti, Modern Drummer

Most of you may know Jim Bonfanti from the Raspberries, but Jim has played on many recording, and with many bands, and is considered to be one of the top drummers in Rock & Roll. Here he can be seen playing a wonderful 1972 vintageLudwig drum set, in the WMP wrap. Sizes are 61/2x 14 snare, 14" and 15" rack toms, 16" and 18" floors, and a 14 X 24" bass drum. You can see more of Jim’s drums and playing by visiting his MySpace site here

Bun E. Carlos, Modern Drummer

It’s quite possible that this gentleman, Bun. E. Carlos, could have one of the most extensive, and amazing collection of vintage drums in the nation! I had the chance to work with Mr. Carlos early in my career, and can tell you that he is one of the best in the business. Most notable for his solid drumming in Cheap Trick, Bun E. Carlos has played with Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson, Jack Douglas, Tom Werman, Ian Taylor, Paul Klingberg, Jon Brant, George Martin, and many, many more. To view some of his collection, and read more, click here

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